Etched Glass Window Film

Etched Glass Window Film

These Decorative Etched Glass Window Films are “Glass Art for Windows”.
They add privacy and security to your surroundings.
Decorative Window films absorb up to 98% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays,
thereby protecting your furnishings and aids in glare and heat reduction.
* Easy to apply…Easy to remove     * Adheres to any smooth surface
*Adds privacy, style and security.  * Reduces glare plus ultra violet light   *Durable/washable and can be trimmed.

Make Your Windows Bird-Safe
You can stop birds from flying into windows

Once you have heard it, you will never forget the sound—the sickening “thud” of a bird hitting glass. Then you go outside, dreading the sight of a beautiful winged creature lying motionless on the ground beneath a window. You don’t know what do to help her. And you wish you could stop this from happening ever again. You can.

The first step is to understand why birds fly into windows: It’s usually because when they’re looking at the window, they’re seeing the reflection of sky or trees instead of a pane of glass. They think they’re following a clear flight path. That mistake can be deadly; at least half of the birds who hit windows die from their injuries or because another animal killed them while they were stunned and couldn’t escape or protect themselves.

Now you’re ready to prevent the collision. (Reprint from The Humane Society of The USA)

Many of our customers have reported how well using etched glass window film and or etched glass decals work to prevent “bird crashes”.

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       Frosted-Privacy-Bamboo on window
Frosted Privacy Bamboo

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Marble Splash

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Chrystal Glue Chip

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