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Static Cling Decal Instructions
Window Film Instructions BELOW

  IMPORTANT:  Read all Instructions Carefully Before Applying

  1. Clean hands thoroughly to prevent any dirt/oils from adhering to the surface of the decal. Also clean the area where decal will be applied thoroughly with window cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.    ***Note***    Do Not allow the backing paper that is against the decal to get wet!!!  If backing paper gets wet, you will not be able to remove the decoration from it and it will be ruined.

  2. Spray cleaned glass “very” liberally (Wetter is always better) with water or glass cleaner before applying decoration. A substantial amount of moisture is required between the decal and surface to give an even appearance once fully dried.   Never install on a dry surface.

  3. With dry hands, peel the decal from the backing paper. Lightly spray the back side (shiny side) of decal with water or glass cleaner. This will prevent it from clinging to itself and aid in its application. REMEMBER it is necessary to place the side of the decal that is against the backing paper to the glass. It will not adhere on etched side! If patterns are to face one another and, left & right designs are not available, apply one to the interior and one to the exterior of the surface.

  4. Place the shiny side of the decoration against the wet surface and then position it by sliding and moving into the desired location. Using a rubber-tipped squeegee, plastic driver’s license or credit card (making sure there are no rough edges), work from the center outward and squeegee out “all” the excess air and moisture. Then, wipe dry with a lint-free cloth

  5. If any tiny bubbles appear between the decal and the surface, repeat Step 4, making sure to thoroughly wet the “surface” again and squeegee “all” of the moisture out. Any excess moisture should evaporate within a 24 hour period.

PLASTIC WINDOWS: Interior application is recommended. Please check with the window manufacturer before applying window cleaner to any plastic surface. If window cleaner cannot be used, a very light soapy water solution is recommended for application and installation.

TINTED WINDOWS:  Your decoration may give a more desirable appearance on the exterior surface, especially if the tint is dark. This has no adverse effect on your decoration.


If, at any time bubbles occur (bubbles appear as little white dots), simply peel back the area affected and re-apply. Bubbles that are visible only from the glass side are due to insufficient moisture during application. Spray a generous amount of window cleaner to wet the glass and material before you squeegee.

It is always a good idea to keep the backing sheet the decal came on should you wish to remove it from the glass and store for future use.  Do not roll it up against itself without the backing sheet.  Also, do not attempt to put it back in the packaging, tube or plastic, it came with; just roll loosely and store without creasing it.

Print Instructions for future use.

Window Film Instructions

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Self-Adhesive Glass Film Instructions

NOTE: Read All Instructions Before Application
(This is a simple process! However, patience and preparation are very important.)

Tools Needed: Scissors/Razor Knife, Tape Measure/Ruler, Squeegee, 32 oz Spray Bottle, Lint-free Paper Towels, or Soft, Lint-free Cloth (Micro-fiber)

1. Clean all areas where the film is to be applied, removing all traces of dirt, grime, grease, etc.

2. Carefully measure height and width of the area of application. Cut film to fit or, cut 1” wider and 1” longer, then trim film for exact fit once applied to surface and after first squeegee process.

3. Use film-aid application concentrate, if available by your dealer, or create your own wetting solution by adding a few drops (only a one-second squeeze) of either Johnson Baby Shampoo or Joy Dish Detergent into a 32 oz spray bottle and then fill with water.

4. Turn off all fans and any AC/heating ventilation ducts in your working area.

5. Lay the cut-to-size decorative film on a clean flat surface with the release liner up, or have someone hold piece to be applied for you. Remove the release liner. (See “Tips” below for easy liner removal.) Spray the now exposed adhesive film surface thoroughly with wetting solution. Note: when using the larger-sized film (36” x 76”), two people are definitely needed for easy application.

6. Next apply a generous amount of wetting solution to the glass. Make sure it is dripping wet; too much solution is better than not enough! And, by wetting both the film and glass, it prevents the film from sticking to itself and to the surface immediately, thereby allowing you more time in which to properly position the film. If either surface were to become dry before applying, rewet completely.

7. Place the wet adhesive side of film against wet glass surface. Start at top of surface, then allow film to gently lay down on the glass. You can slide film around positioning it correctly so long as the window and film remain thoroughly wet. For ease in squeegee process, lightly spray the face of the film. Now start to squeegee out wetting solution, working from the center out toward the edges. Double check that the film is flat and
smooth with no remaining air bubbles. It may be necessary to again spray the face of the film and squeegee to release any remaining moisture.

8. If, at this point you did not cut the film to exact size, use your ruler to trim along edges with a straight edge razor. It is ideal to cut in one continuous movement and to use a new blade tip after 3-4 cuts. Carefully dry any excess wetting solution that appears around the edges.


The film begins to adhere in 30 minutes and cures fully over 3-5 days. During the drying process, it could initially look hazy, cloudy, or spotty. However, this effect will disappear over a short time. Dry, sunny weather speeds curing while wet and/or cold temperatures may possibly prolong it.

All decorative adhesive films have a liner applied to the back of it. To easily remove liner, apply a piece of tape on a corner edge and another on the same edge of the backside of the film. As you peel tape apart, liner should peel away. Caution: Take care as you remove the release liner and do not let the film roll over on to itself as it will stick together and be difficult to pull apart.

A stubborn, remaining air bubble or two that have not been worked out during your final squeegee process can be removed by using a straight pin to pop and then work out the air gently with your finger.

To clean the film, a very light, mild soapy-water solution should be used and then wipe over with a soft, damp cloth. DO NOT USE AMMONIA, VINEGAR, HOUSEHOLD GLASS CLEANERS, PAPER TOWELS, OR BRUSHES.

Window film absorbs up to 98% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays thereby protecting your furnishings and aids in glare and heat reduction. Light is dispersed softly, rendering a high-class, tranquil atmosphere, which reproduces a beautiful etched-glass appearance not typically found in window films.

When properly applied and cleaned, your decorative film will give you years of enjoyment, privacy and security, and increases personal safety from glass breakage. Overall product life is affected by climate, geographic location, and exposure to the sun.

Removal is easy. It can be peeled away. For larger areas, you may want to spray with an adhesive-remover first.